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About Us

Keble Prep is a traditional Prep School for boys aged 4 to 13. There are around 220 boys taught in small classes or subject groups. As well as pursuing academic excellence we are committed to a broad education, which values the role of sport, music and drama.

Small class sizes, an attractive, well-resourced location and vibrant teaching all contribute towards a working environment that will enable them to achieve success.

We place a great emphasis on values like good manners, courtesy and independence. Above all, Keble Prep is a happy and caring environment where boys can achieve in a wide variety of areas, and leave as confident young men. We feel the warm and friendly atmosphere is a major factor in helping our boys maximise their potential.

Head's Welcome

Here at Keble we have a long tradition of educating boys and providing them with the best possible start for their educational journey. From the moment your son joins us they become part of a busy community and we pride ourselves on the breadth of curriculum and experiences the boys here at Keble take part in.

School History

Keble School was established in 1929 and started with only nine pupils in a small hall, but soon moved into a bigger building. In 1939 the school site was needed to help with the war effort and the school temporarily shared Avondale Hall in Hoppers Road with Palmers Green High School.

Ethos and Aims

Keble Prep provides a list of seven Whole School Aims which we aim to adhere to, and a set of Principles that we value.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is made up of nine members, including the parent of a current pupil at Keble. Details of all the current members of the Board of Governors are available below.

The Chair of Governors is contactable via the Clerk of Governors, via office@kebleprep.co.uk or by telephoning the Bursar, John Field, on 0208 360 4440. If you prefer to contact him in writing please address this to Mr D Fotheringham, Chair of Governors, c/o Keble Prep School, Wades Hill, London N21 1BG. 


A full list of Keble Prep staff, including the full teaching staff, teaching assistants, visiting music teachers and administrative staff is available below.

Curriculum & Extra Curricular

In the early years of the school we followed the national curriculum with results at Key Stage 1 generally being well above national norms.

After a busy day at school we feel that the youngest boys should head home and have time to unwind and relax, but in the middle years the extra curricular programme kicks in with activities that vary from term to term.

Pastoral Care

Keble Prep prides itself on the quality of pastoral care and our success in doing so is consistently recognised by ISI Inspectors when they visit the school. For us, everyone is important including school staff and parents and the way in which we operate reflects this position.


Parents are encouraged to play a full and active part in the life of the school. You are welcome to watch school fixtures and the various dramatic productions that take place through the year.


The school has a vibrant and active Parents’ Social Association with the emphasis being on the word ‘social’. The association raises funds for the school whilst having fun.