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Ethos and Aims

Whole School Aims

  1. To provide a happy, safe and caring environment in which boys can learn and mature.
  2. To teach a broad and balanced curriculum in attractive and well-resourced locations.
  3. To recognize and provide for the needs of boys from a broad range of abilities and backgrounds.
  4. To encourage boys to participate enthusiastically and maximize their potential in the full range of academic, cultural and sporting pursuits available to them.
  5. To enhance each boy's awareness and understanding of good behaviour and the Keble principles and in particular what it means to be tolerant and considerate to others.
  6. To prepare boys for transfer to an appropriate senior school and for life beyond education.
  7. To encourage boys to have respect for their environment - both immediate and on a wider scale.

Keble Principles

At Keble we value:

  • Working hard
  • Telling the truth
  • Keeping promises
  • Respecting the rights and property of others
  • Consideration for others
  • Self reliance