Mr Turner’s Sports Review

 Year 6

On Monday, the year 6 A and B teams took part in the U11 rugby festival at The Hall School. It was great for the boys to have an afternoon of Rugby and continue their development. Well done to all of the boys who took part.



Year 4 (U9) Rugby V St Aubyns

Thursday 30th January saw the Year 4 boys take part in their first contact Rugby match for the school.  The boys played away at St Aubyns School in Woodford Green. Many boys play outside of school but for some this was their first experience against another school. It was fantastic to see the Year 4 boys going into the games with such a positive mindset, willing to take risks and learning from both success and challenge.The boys had a very successful afternoon, not only measured in the scorelines but in the camaraderie, skill development, physical development and fun. All of the teams were unbeaten with the A team winning 10 tries to 5, The B team winning 9 tries to 2, the C team drawing 12 tries to 12 and the D team winning too. Well done to all of the boys who took part in all of the teams, there was great teamwork, leadership, and determination shown by the boys.


Year 2

Year 2 boys developing their core physical skills, their creative side by sequence building and their evaluating skills by giving and receiving feedback about their performances