How long has Keble been established?

Keble School was established in 1929 and started with only nine pupils in a small hall, but soon moved into a bigger building. In 1939 the school site was needed to help with the war effort and the school temporarily shared Avondale Hall in Hoppers Road with Palmers Green High School. In the 1970s the Junior School building, which can be viewed from Wades Hill, was added to increase the quality of accommodation. In recent years the Harper Building has been added to incorporate a state-of-the-art Science Lab and attractive art room, plus classrooms for the middle years. The most recent addition is a purpose built music room incorporating peripatetic teaching spaces.

There is a House system in operation in the school where boys can gain house points for achievement in many areas, including showing personal attributes like friendship and courtesy. The houses are named after Arthurian Knights Bedivere, Gareth and Geraint.