Our vision is that Keble Prep will be one of the leading boys’ schools in North London. The structure and operation of the school will focus on developing confident, resilient and independent learners. Effective use of technology will underpin all the school systems and the boys’ learning experience.

Teaching and learning at Keble Prep will be innovative, rigorous and reflect best practice. Our curriculum will set high academic standards, whilst fostering the way boys learn best.

We will be a happy, healthy school with a strong pastoral system that ensures an environment where everyone feels safe and valued. We will be proud of our past and traditions but also dynamic and forward thinking.

Keble Prep boys will be outstanding characters equipped for the challenges of their future education. They will have a sense of purpose and know who they are, where they would like to go and how they are getting there.

As a member of Keble Prep, boys will experience an all-round education that allows them to grow as individuals, achieve in a range of subject areas and be prepared to succeed in life.