Find Out More About Atom Learning

A reminder for parents that Keble is signed up to the brilliant Atom Learning. Last summer I met with Atom Learning, an adaptive, online teaching and learning platform that has partnered with Galore Park (specialist educational publisher). Atom Learning helps children in years 5, 6 and 7 consolidate Key Stage 2 knowledge and prepare for senior school tests. Mrs Fleming has been working with this in the non-Latin classes in Y7 but she will be enrolling all Y7 boys so that they can make use of this programme. Please check out the school blog for further information.

Along with a number of other prep schools, we have been trialing Atom Learning’s School Platform (Atom Prime) and it has proved to be very helpful. This has allowed us to use Atom in class, and set adaptive mock tests and homework for our pupils to complete. In Y5 and Y6 there is separate lesson dedicated to VR and NVR practice but it also has English and maths sections that have been utilised.

For any parents who want to do more, Atom Learning has a separate Home Platform (Atom Nucleus) that has been developed as a viable, school-supported and more cost effective alternative to a private tutor. There is a 5-day free trial and you can opt to sync a pupil’s Atom Prime account with their Atom Nucleus account so that teachers are kept in the loop regarding your child’s progress outside of school. 

For an explanation on what Atom Nucleus is, you can watch this short video: Atom Nucleus introductory video 

Ms Bramwell