What is ZuluDesk ?

ZuluDesk is a powerful, effective Mobile Device Management System for today’s modern digital classroom. With ZuluDesk all your Apple devices can be easily managed. ZuluDesk has easy tools available for IT Departments, Teachers, and Parents.

At Keble we use ZuluDesk to manage our mobile devices. Seven years ago we took the decision for the school to go to a 1-1 iPad scheme. All boys in the Junior school (Rec-Y4) have access to class sets of iPads while in our senior school (Y5- 8) all boys have their own allocated iPad which is personalised for their use.

To allow us to do this successfully we use ZuluDesk . It allows us to do the following, as well as provide parents an app to manage their son’s school iPad from home explain in the page Parent ZuluDesk App.